Why Us?

There are any number of options for skills training in the community – a question that gets asked often is “what makes LifeAbility different?”

Here are a few key differences:

We are experienced professionals.

Our co-founders have more than 30 years combined experience in the field. Many other programs use regular staff to provide skills program content, in addition to their normal job duties (case manager, outreach worker, etc). Not only does this distract them from doing what they do best, often they are without training in how to provide Skills Training.

To be successful, Skills Trainers need to have a thorough understanding of Best Practices for the field. The trainings we provide are based on nationally recognized guidelines or criteria. We also have the expertise to develop or customize trainings to a specific target group.

We are not a program.

Other programs are just that programs. Programs often package together a bunch of other things you don’t want or need, but you still have to get through to get to the part you do need. We offer our services ala carte, so you can decide for your self what fits your needs, your time and your budget.

Example: Gregory has a resume. It is not working as well as he thinks it should be, so he wants to make a few changes. Because he is not sure what exactly is wrong, he wants to have a professional look it over and give him some advice – Here are two options:

Popular Local Option


1. Make initial contact & sign up for Orientation 1.Make initial contact & sign up for next Resume class
2. Return next week to attend 1 hr Orientation that explain all the services available
2.Attend next scheduled Resume class – learn how to update his resume, now and in the future
3.Sign up to meet personal worker
4.Meet with personal worker
5.Get assigned to attend whole week of classes
6.After attending several other classes, attend resume creation class
7.Now officially “ready” to make appointment for help with resume updating
8.Get help updating resume

We allow Gregory the flexibility to get a much (or as little) assistance as he wants.

Because we are not a program, we are able to make our services available to everyone – no need to “qualify” based on income, gender, family status, residence, etc

We make things simple.

Simple does not mean ‘poor quality’. It means we explain complex information in everyday terms. We have stripped out the fluff – what remains are simple, straightforward concepts and tools that you can start to use the same day.

We are up-to-date in an ever changing field.

We want to provide you with the best quality training possible, and with the most current information. We are proud to be members of the following professional associations:

Multifamily NW

(formally known as Metro Multifamily Housing)

Portland Area Business Association

Rental Educators Alliance (REAL)

 MFNW    Rent Well
Bringing together landlords, property management companies and industry suppliers to promote quality rental housing Promoting equality through business development Steering Committee that coordinates Rent Well in the 4-county metro area