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Rent Well Class Interest List

New way to schedule a class: Rent Well Interest List I get calls about Rent Well classes every day.  Often the classes which are scheduled do not fit around work, school, treatment or other obligations. A frequent question is often "Why don't you offer a class on...."...

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Portland Renters get more time from City Council

Starting November 14, 2015, the City of Portland will require landlords to give renters extra time to figure things out due to rent increases, or having to move (without cause). PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland renters will get another two months to move after being kicked...

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Losing a good friend

Housing Connections has been a great friend to the Rent Well community - renters, landlords, and instructors. They will be missed by many.

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Motivational Monday: Leveling Up

Start Slowly but Surely Motivate yourself with your brimming confidence. Start small but gradually level up. Being optimistic and open for change doesn’t come easily. It comes with a price of letting go of your past habits and it takes a lot of will power to do all...

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Bed Bugs – New Tools On The Way

This is one of the researchers who have been working to find the right combinations of chemicals to create an effective trap for bed bugs. A trap like this could give landlords and renters an easy way to find out if bed bugs are present and respond quickly.Source:...

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Motivational Monday: No Magic Required

Often if our confidence is sinking it seems like it will take some sort of magic to get ourselves motivated.  Nope - No magic required! Change for the Better Being motivated doesn’t just happened magically or perhaps overnight. It’s accompanied with lots of changes....

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Motivational Monday: Unstoppable Confidence

We are motivated to do something when we know we can accomplish our goal. Self-confidence starts with being able to grasp what you are capable of - the first step is to approach from the right mindsetHave the Right MindsetYour state of mind is very important in...

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