LifeAbility offers Employment and Life Skills training in several formats:

Small Group

Small group trainings are held on our site for 3-12 participants. Groups not meeting the minimum number of participants are subject to be rescheduled.


At LifeAbility, we recognize that not everyone learns in a group setting. Our individual trainings follow the same curriculum as our group trainings, but without the distractions of a group.


We offer local agencies and businesses the option of sponsoring a training. This is a great way to offer a savings to agencies that have a number of people in a specific training. These are also available at your site too.


LifeAbility offers some services on a per hour “consulting” basis. This allows you to pay for just the amount you need, charged in 15 minute increments.

All of our classes and services are streamlined to give you the information you need (without all the fluff), including practical tools you can put into use the same day.

Please see our Referral page for information on how to refer someone to our classes or services.

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