Milwaukie Follows Portland on No Cause

Recently, the Milwaukie (OR) city council voted unanimously to pass Ordinance #2118. This ordinance extends the time period for “No-Cause” Termination Notices to 90 days. The statewide standard is 30 or 60 days depending on length of tenancy. Exceptions to...

Portland Renters get more time from City Council

Starting November 14, 2015, the City of Portland will require landlords to give renters extra time to figure things out due to rent increases, or having to move (without cause). PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland renters will get another two months to move after being kicked...
Losing a good friend

Losing a good friend

Housing Connections has been a great friend to the Rent Well community – renters, landlords, and instructors. They will be missed by many.
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