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Look – a brand new website!  Hope you enjoy the new design.

There are still things to add in coming days –
more descriptions of services, comments from former clients,  etc.

We are also going to be adding some new services, including e-courses and e-books.

Please let us know how you like the site,
any glitches that you may find, and (most importantly)
what else you would like to see added in future updates.

Rent Well

Rent Well is a tenant education training course that meets for 6 weeks, one 3-hour session per week



Landlord and Property Management Staff welcome!

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We provide employment & life skills training

From individuals to businesses, at some point we all face an information problem.

It could be a lack of information or trouble understanding the information that’s out there.

It could be that there’s too much information or that the information available is conflicting.

Whatever the problem, it gets in the way of getting to your goals as a business or individual.


Hate Mondays? Find the right job.


We have the game guide for life


6 week tenant education course


Services for Solo-, Micro, Mini – Business

“…makes certain that you understand your options and allows you to select among them without allowing her personal preferences to color your choices…”

R. D.

“….the ability to make the complicated, simple and understandable. She customizes your options. Then guides you through your choices so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.”



We hope these items will…


New shared housing resource

I wanted to share this new resource with you. It is a network of locally managed Facebook Groups. It gives people a safe place to look for a shared housing situation. By using Facebook, we are using a medium that people already know and use. It can easily be accessed...

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Looking for Rent Well?

Just added to the schedule - our next public Rent Well class! Starts - January 7, 2017 Every Saturday (9:00 am - 12:00 pm) through February 11, 2017 Rent Well is a tenant education training course that meets for 6 weeks, one 3-hour session per week. It provides a...

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Services Update

Here is an update on services at Lifeability - Rent Well Rent Well is offered once a week at Lifeability.  The next class is not currently scheduled, but looks like it will not be until January. Mini-Biz Guide Check out our new set of workshops specifically designed...

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PadMapper|Portland OR Apartments for Rent 

PadMapper has long been one of my favorite apartment search tools. Now it gets refreshed design that cleans it up a bit alongside a bunch of new sorting options. If you haven't looked at it in awhile - it is time to go check it out again. More apartments than you can...

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Looking for a Rent Well class? 

The class that starts October 8th is full, as is the wait list for the class.  We do not have another class scheduled yet, but expect that it will start in very early January. Registration will open late November.  Note - 211-Info has the list of public Rent...

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A Life Coach helps you define your dream;
LifeABILITY helps you DO your dream.



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