Companion/Assistance Animal Guidelines Challenged

Trying to find a balance between those who truly have disability and a need for an assistance animal and those taking advantage of the system is a challenge.  This article looks at how this is being addressed in different communities across the country. “In the last few years, policymakers have […]

I wanted to share this new resource with you. It is a network of locally managed Facebook Groups. It gives people a safe place to look for a shared housing situation. By using Facebook, we are using a medium that people already know and use. It can easily be accessed with a computer or smart phone.

It gives people a way to get to know each other before actually moving in together. It just opened this weekend, so it is small – but as the word gets out and more join, it can be a great resource in the community. The Australian group is over 700 people in one location alone.

Here is the direct link –

I am proud to announce the first North American chapter of Seniors Share Houses – right here in Portland/Vancouver. This is a simple idea started by an individual in Australia who wanted to do something about the housing crisis faced by seniors in her community. We all know how tight the rental housing market is in our area – so hopefully this will help. Check out the website

Right now the website is brand new, but more information will be added in the days ahead.

No-Cause Evicted? Landlords Now Have to Pay Your Relocation Costs

It is temporary, and it does not apply to the smallest landlords (one unit), but for the next 8 months Portland has a new protection for renters! – In a unanimous vote, council voted to immediately enact a law that will require landlords to pay relocation costs for renters when […]

Clackamas County Subsidized Housing waiting lists open from Jan. 23 through Jan. 29, 2017 – both  Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing

  • The application process will be available online.
  • You must apply between midnight on Jan. 23 and midnight on Jan. 29.
  • Not all applications will be placed on the waiting list.
  • Applications will be selected and ordered using a random lottery system. The day and time you apply has no bearing on whether your application is selected for the waiting list.

Your application status will be available online after the closing date. You will find instructions for obtaining status information during the online application process.

Eligibility for the Public Housing waiting lists is based on income and family size. Example: Household of 1 with an annual income of $40,000 qualifies for Public Housing but not Section 8. Use the calculator on the website to determine if you meet the income guidelines.
Source: Clackamas County Housing Authority


The office is  closed due to the weather. Phone messages and emails will be checked several times a day.