Tactical Life Consulting


The sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual.



Together you have LifeABILITY – Tactical Life Consulting


Natural aptitude or acquired proficiency.

LifeABILITY’s Tactical Life Consulting services give you tactical tools and individualized guidance to help you solve problems both big and small.

Whether you have personal or professional goals, we provide custom skills training, resources, and information that you’ve may have been unable to find or held barriers for you in the past.

When you get frustrated and wish there was someone to help you figure it out, that’s where we step in ‒ getting you straight-forward answers to tricky questions.

As the ‘un-program,’ LifeABILITY won’t make you jump through hoops to find answers, rather we will work with you one-on-one to devise and implement an individualized plan of attack.

Along the way, we are there to support you.

With LifeABILITY, you will achieve your goals.

The journey between your dreams and reality starts with LifeABILITY!”

  • Everything we do, make it…
    • Simple
    • Straight-forward (fluff-free)
    • Realistic
    • Strategic
  • People don’t fit neatly into boxes – neither should services
Why choose LifeABILITY?
Experienced professionals
Our founder has more than 20 years experience in the field. Many other programs use regular staff to provide skills program content, in addition to their normal job duties (case manager, outreach worker, etc). Not only does this distract them from doing what they do best, often they are without training in how to provide Skills Training.
Keep it simple
Simple does not mean ‘poor quality’. It means we explain complex information in everyday terms. We have stripped out the fluff – what remains are simple, straightforward concepts and tools that you can start to use the same day.
The “Un-Program”
Other programs are just that programs. Programs often package together a bunch of other things you don’t want or need, but you still have to get through to get to the part you do need.  Think of LifeABILITY as the un-program. We offer our services ala carte, so you can decide for your self what fits your needs, your time and your budget.



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