Employment Skills


  • 10-yr Career MapCreate your own step-by-step and realistic plan to get to where you want to go.
  • Employment Skills identificationidentify your job specific and transferable skills.
  • Job Search assessment what type of job search methods work best for you based on nationally used indicators.
  • Individualized Job Search planquantitative plan for getting your next job.
  • Resume DIYStep by step walk through of how you can write your own resume.
  • Job Search consultationon your specific job search efforts to increase effectiveness
  • Transportation TrainingIndividualized training how to navigate to where you need to go via public transportation
  • Overcoming ObstaclesIndividual consultation on how to turn those brick walls into speed bumps by addressing your specific barriers to employment or housing.
  • Navigating the SystemHow to get your needs met as you work with (or through) a large system: school (including IEP), Vocational Rehabilitation (OVRS), Social Security (SSI/SSDI), Worksource, Apprenticeship, and many more


  • Job Search series:
    • Resume DIY Step by step walk through of how you can write your own resume.
    • Application AdvantageLearn how Human Resources sees your application and the simple things you can do to make yours more competitive.
    • Job Search TodayHow to use today’s technology to make your job search more efficient and more effective. This is the popular “work smarter, not harder” concept applied to job search
    • Presenting & RepresentingHow to make a great first impression—from the first phone call to the first day of work.
  • Handling Hurdles — Depending on how you handle them, hurdles can either stop you in your tracks, or you figure out how to go over or around them. No matter what needs to be explained (disability, criminal history, addiction, homelessness, etc) the process is the same.
  • Paperwork of Life Organizing and maintaining the paperwork required in today’s world
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