Most of us have surrounded our lives with technology – computers, tvs, radios, cell phones, GPS units, the list goes on.

All of these devices will at some point break or malfunction. It is then we turn to Tech Support for their assistance.

Tech Support is charged with trying to diagnosis and treat a computer without actually seeing it, or the problem. They rely on your ability to accurately report information to them. To make this process work smoother for all concerned and get a resolution faster – here are the 5 things to know before you call tech support:

  1. Symptoms of the problem – specifically, what is it doing or not doing? Do not say it is “broken”, Instead say what doesn’t work – It doesn’t turn on, it turns on but no sound, etc
  2. When did the problem begin?
  3. What were you doing immediately before (or during) the problem started? (including any changes you made to your system)
  4. What have you done to try and fix it? – list everything and in the order attempted – including the obvious
  5. Other information that may be relevant to your situation including hardware devices that may be relevant to your problem

Before you contact tech support, write down you answers to the above questions. Keep you answers as short as possible – “just the facts Ma’am”.

When asked what the problem is or how they can help you, explain by giving the information in the order listed.

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