We are motivated to do something when we know we can accomplish our goal. Self-confidence starts with being able to grasp what you are capable of – the first step is to approach from the right mindset

Have the Right Mindset
Your state of mind is very important in gaining confidence. Try to take this simple exercise. Take a clear glass and fill it up all the way to the middle. Now, test yourself whether you think the glass is half empty or half full. It’s a bit tricky and quite intimidating. There’s basically no wrong answer here. It’s all about how you perceive things whether positive or negative. If you look at the glass half empty then you’re more seeing the negative side of things. On the other hand, if you see it as half full, then your point of view is clearly positive keeping in mind that the glass can still be filled more. Confidence adapts the same concept. If you see things negatively, your confidence is bound to go on a downward spiral but look at it positively and you’re up for success.
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