Job Search Plan

A good plan is like a road map: 

it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.

~H. Stanley Judd, Author

A good Job Search Plan can make your job search efforts both more effective and efficient.

Just a few simple and straight-forward steps can put you on the path to finding your next job.

“Work smarter, not harder” – Why not apply that to your job search?

Create an individualized plan for your job search.

Typically includes:

  • The job search methods most effective for you
  • Which 5 job boards are the only ones you really need – and the reasons why
  • Action plan – overall, weekly, daily 
  • 27 people you can contact – TODAY
  • Using today’s technology to search smarter
  • Learn how 72% of all job seekers are wasting their time and efforts
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