HurdlesWe just added a new Handling Hurdles class to the schedule.

A hurdle is an obstacle – something that stands in the way of progress or achievement. Depending on how you handle them, hurdles can either stop you in your tracks, or you figure out how to go over or around them. No matter what needs to be explained, the process is the same:

  • Accurately identify barriers
  • Identify your own perceptions of barriers to employment or housing
  • Identify the employer and/or landlord’s perception of the barrier.
  • Identify five different approaches to barriers
  • How to determine which approach to use in different situations
  • Learn how to address the employer and/or landlord’s concerns

Commonly explained issues:
☑ Addiction
☑ Background check surprises
☑ Credit issues
☑ Criminal history
☑ Current Employment
☑ Disability
☑ Employment history
☑ Health issues
☑ Homelessness
☑ Income source
☑ Job Loss
☑ Life choices
☑ Rental history
☑ the Unusual

Handling Hurdles is a 2-week training – meets for one 3-hour session per week on the same day/time. You must attend both sessions. You must also commit to approximately 2 hours of additional work outside of class.

Like all of our classes, Handling Hurdles is streamlined to give you the information you need (without the fluff), including practical tools that you can start to put it into use the same day. How are these different from other classes held in the community? Our Why Us? page explains how our approach is different.

Note: There is a limit of 8 seats for this class to keep it small enough for individual attention.


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