5 thoughts on “Rent Well starting in May

  • Jeremy

    Do you guys know when you plan to offer Rent Well to TPI at Doreen’s Place? No one here seems to know when it will start again and the 3rd is already full. This already seems like a frustrating process.

  • Jeremy

    …you know, if a class is full before it starts, that ought be all the needed info that your organization (or the government or the funders of this program through grants or the like), should need to immediately schedule the next class. There was talk around here at Doreen’s about there being a May class. If I have already missed that…well, I’m very depressed about the difficulty in ‘getting in.’ The evidence of need is clear, the class is simple but the availability of it is so convoluted, it feels like a ‘secret,’ even from my housing managers. Why is this very basic, put-it-on-the-calendar-at-least-6-months-in-advance thing so hard for Multnomah county? Please help!

    • staff Post author

      Jeremy – I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when the next Doreen’s Place class will be scheduled. Rent Well is not a “program” with funding, master schedule for the whole county, etc. Rent Well is a class that is offered by many different organizations in Multnomah County. We are one company, Transition Projects is another. Each company decides for itself how often it wants to offer a class, who is eligible for the class, etc. I cannot speak for other organizations (like TPI) – only LifeAbility. Like you, we believe there is a need for Rent Well in this community. We plan to offer over 20 Rent Well classes this year, with a new class starting pretty much every few weeks. Registration for our next class will open on Monday.

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