A lot of people move in during summer – if you are one of those planning to move this summer, there is no better time to take a Rent Well class.

In the class we include lots of information that can help you keep more money in your wallet. Here are only three examples:

  1. How to avoid paying application fees just to be turned down, time after time.
  2. How to get the most deposit returned when you move out.
  3. What simple little thing renters often forget to spend five minutes doing during the move-out process which can save them $250 or more

Click here to learn more information about the Rent Well class and if it is right for you.

Registration is now open for our May Rent Well classes. We have two options available:

  • Wednesday evenings (May 6) OR
  • Saturday evenings (May 9) OR

All classes meet once a week for six weeks.

Click here to register.

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