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NOTICE:  There are administrative changes coming to Rent Well in early 2018 – LifeABILITY will be instead offering Ready-to-Rent curriculum.

LifeABILITY is now using the Ready-to-Rent curriculum instead of the Rent Well curriculum. This curriculum covers much of the same information; the time and cost remain the same. Ready-to-Rent was developed here locally and is used across the country. Please check out the website for additional information – www.readytorent.org The biggest difference is that it does not come with the landlord guarantee.

So what does this mean for you, in the real world? Well, the Rent Well website says – “In Multnomah County, every year only about 6% of our graduates ever have a landlord submit a reservation request on their behalf and of those reservations less than 1% need to file a claim.” So looking at the numbers, out of every 2000 Rent Well graduates (over 2 1/2 years worth), only 120 get a reservation (the first step of the guarantee), and only 1 actually needs to file a claim. Rent Well classes held in Washington County have been without the guarantee for a couple of years now.

While the guarantee is certainly nice, it should not be the primary reason for anyone to take the class. Many class participants may seek the class out because of the guarantee, but quickly realize the true value is in the information and learning a different way to approach their housing search. A similar approach is part of the Ready-to-Rent curriculum

Date Tickets
March Ready-to-Rent - Sat AM

When: March 10, 2018
Where: 1125 SE Madison Ste 103B, Portland, OR
Price: $50.00

Topics included in the Ready-to-Rent Action Kit -
• Accept responsibility for past rental issues
• Repair credit
• Creating a workable budget
• Prioritize housing needs
• Develop a housing search plan
• Understand the application and rental process
• Maintain appropriate housekeeping
• Communicate effectively with their landlord
• Fulfill their goal to become a successful renter

Ready-to-Rent is a tenant education training course that meets for 6 weeks, one 3-hour session per week.

It provides a comprehensive overview of what it means to be a renter.

☛ Know your rights and responsibilities as a renter
☛ Quit paying application fees only to be turned down
☛ How to work *with* your landlord
☛ What it takes to get your deposits back
☛ Customized Housing Portfolio

This class meets every week on Saturdays through April 14th

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1125 SE Madison #103B,  Portland, OR 97214