What is RentABILITY?

RentABILITY is our specific tenant education course here at LifeABILITY.  It includes the Ready-to-Rent curriculum and will meet the requirements to get a Ready-to-Rent certificate upon completion. It also includes a lot of additional information based on our involvement with various landlord organizations and over 15 years of experience in tenant education.

Why take a tenant education course?

There is a saying  “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Renting is a simple, everyday activity that we all know how to do, right?  Not really. Every class participants are surprised at what they don’t know, how they could have saved money, avoided eviction court, etc.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone with limited experience renting in Oregon
  • Anyone who wants to know more about landlord/tenant rights in Oregon
  • Anyone with one or more of the following screening barriers:

– negative credit history – criminal history – short rental history (less than 1 year) – no current rental history – lack of written references – evictions – short time on the current job (less than 1 year) – no current employment – unverifiable income – has not seen a credit report, criminal history and/or eviction history in the past 12 months

It is recommended that everyone in the household over the age of 16  complete the class – either together or individually.

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Know what your rights are
  • Quit paying application fees only to be turned down
  • How to actually get your deposits back.
  • Customized Housing Portfolio

Why the RentABILITY course?

  • We are not a program – no special eligibility criteria
  • Landlords, property managers, and staff are welcome
  • Teaching tenant education classes since 2003
  • One of the original creators of the Rent Well curriculum
  • 2009 – 2017 Trainer for Rent Well instructors
  • Member of several landlord organizations to provide balanced, real-world information

Again – from our graduates:

When graduates were asked if they agreed with the following statements-

  • The class has taught me how to be a successful renter – 92%**
  • What I learned in the class was worth the time I spent in class – 93%**
  • Taking the class helped me to find housing – 74%**
  • My housing situation looks better now than before – 84%**

** Percent that said Agree or Strongly Agree

Register for a Class

We have several ways to register for our classes – pick which option works best for you:

  • Register below with a credit/debit card or PayPal account.
  • 3rd party arrangements (agency, case manager, landlord, etc) – Click here for more information
  • Register in person – at our office, by appointment only

For more information contact us (see information below) Only registered participants may attend class. Note: if you do not get a confirmation notice via email, you do not have a seat in the training.

Sorry, no RentABILITY classes are scheduled at this time. 

Want to know when new classes are scheduled?

Please follow LifeABILITY on Facebook to get notified when new classes are scheduled:
NOTICE:  Administrative changes were made to the Rent Well program as of early 2018.
The program is now only available to homeless service providers. 

Because of our commitment to tenant education, LifeABILITY is now using the Ready-to-Rent curriculum instead of the Rent Well curriculum.

This curriculum covers much of the same information; the time and cost remain the same. Ready-to-Rent was developed here locally and is used across the country. Please check out the website for additional information – www.readytorent.org The biggest difference is that it does not come with the landlord guarantee.

So what does this mean for you, in the real world? According to the Rent Well website – “In Multnomah County, every year only about 6% of our graduates ever have a landlord submit a reservation request on their behalf and of those reservations less than 1% need to file a claim.”  Rent Well classes were held in Washington County without the guarantee for several years. While the guarantee is certainly nice, it should not be the primary reason for anyone to take the class.

Many class participants may seek the class out because of the guarantee, but quickly realize the true value is in the information and learning a different way to approach their housing search. A similar approach is part of the Ready-to-Rent curriculum

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