What Our Graduates Say

What Our Graduates Say

When graduates were asked what they got out of the class they said –

  • It has made looking for and renting a place easier
  • I have learned to be more responsible as far as being a renter also have learned how to prepare and keep a budget.
  • I found out that my past landlord WILL give me a good reference.
  • Preparing the portfolio has given me ideas for how to discuss problems with potential landlords
  • I never had a budget before – now I know where my money is going.
  • I feel that I have more of an edge on the whole picture of renting and maintaining an apartment.
  • I feel that by having my portfolio together I have greatly increased my ability to rent.
  • Invaluable information on renting, the law and budgets, etc
  • As a result of the class I am already in an apartment

When graduates were asked if they agreed with the following statements-

  • The class has taught me how to be a successful renter – 92%*
  • What I learned in the class was worth the time I spent in class – 93%*
  • Taking the class helped me to find housing – 74%*
  • My housing situation looks better now than before – 84%*

* Percent that said Agree or Strongly agree


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