What Our Graduates Say

When graduates were asked what they got out of the class they said –

  • It has made looking for and renting a place easier
  • I have learned to be more responsible as far as being a renter also have learned how to prepare and keep a budget.
  • I found out that my past landlord WILL give me a good reference.
  • Preparing the portfolio has given me ideas for how to discuss problems with potential landlords
  • I never had a budget before – now I know where my money is going.
  • I feel that I have more of an edge on the whole picture of renting and maintaining an apartment.
  • I feel that by having my portfolio together I have greatly increased my ability to rent.
  • Invaluable information on renting, the law and budgets, etc
  • As a result of the class I am already in an apartment

When graduates were asked if they agreed with the following statements-

  • The class has taught me how to be a successful renter – 92%*
  • What I learned in the class was worth the time I spent in class – 93%*
  • Taking the class helped me to find housing – 74%*
  • My housing situation looks better now than before – 84%*

* Percent that said Agree or Strongly agree


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See what our graduates say in their own words:

Skills and Tools

This is an excellent way to learn how to properly acquire a presentable portfolio of information that will significantly benefit you and your chances of being rented to, especially if you are a felon. This was very informative and I learned an extreme amount of skills and tools to use to my advantage.

J. H.
RW 1520

Helpful, Pro-active

Helpful pro-active way to improve your housing portfolio or simply create one.

B. C.
RW 1403

What Most People Don’t Know

It teaches you things most people don’t know about renting & landlords. It has lots of resources I did not know about.

S. B.

Informative class

This is a very informative class. I learned a lot about landlord/tenant laws. I also learned who is available to contact if you are or believe you are being treated unfairly. I learned how to present myself to a landlord. I would recommend this class to anyone!!

K. S.
RW 1601

Exceeded Expectations

This class exceeded my expectations. There were so many important things that I was unaware of when it came to renting.

B. J.

Identify Mistakes

Rent Well helped me to identify the mistakes that I have made and I was able to take the steps to correct & improve myself.

A. J.

You understand

It is very helpful information to know of. Worth the money spent. The teacher is very great, she explains everything so you can understand!

K. C.
RW 1601

Comprehensive overview

Comprehensive overview of what it means to be a renter. Helpful if one has a less than perfect background of staying competitive in the tight renters market.


Really Helpful

It’s really helpful especially if you are young and want to get your own place. You’ll learn almost everything on what to do and not do and your rights as a tenant.

O. J.
RW 1602

Referring Friends and Family

I have friends & family that are enrolling in Rent Well because it’s been a real struggle for them to find a place to live.

J. B.
RW 1401

Being Successful and Avoiding Conflicts

The class can teach you about specific laws regarding landlords and tenants and can give you the tools to improve your chances of getting approved for an apartment. There is also some good information for being successful and avoiding conflicts as a tenant.

J. S.
RW 1520

Worth the Time and Money

More than worth the time and money put in!!

It gives you all the tools needed to be a successful renter, to find housing easier. It opens up so many possibilities for people with any sort of renting barrier.

B. S.

Feel Confident

It allowed me to feel confident in acquiring and apartment when before I had doubts.

C. W.

Useful Tools

It was worth the time I spent in class, even if I wouldn’t have finished each class gave useful tools for life and people skills. I enjoyed the format and contact information for other groups in the community who could help us with our issues. Great class for learning to objectively solve problems.

S. J.
RW 1305

Spending Leaks

This class has told me about spending leaks that I was unaware of – that money I could have been using or saving. I got so much information that could be very helpful.

L. L.
RW 1521

Highly Effective Class

It’s a highly effective class. It provides you with a wealth of information, and I’ve taken a lot away from it.

Joan stressed the importance of always, always reading through a lease, even if it means breaking out a magnifying glass, to make sure you are familiar with all of your landlord’s requirements.

Another valuable part was getting my credit check and background check – even though I knew I didn’t have any legal issues, I wanted to be sure that those reports reflected that. You compile three letters of reference, income verification, the cover letter, all that.  A lot of landlords are impressed that you’ve taken the time to put all that information together for them.


Should Be Required

This class should be in every high school and required to take simply because if I had this education 10 years ago or even 3 years ago I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in.

L. S.
RW 1602

Disabilities and Renting

..help me feel more secure about what I can and cannot do as a person with disabilities.

A. R.

Learned So Much

I have learned so much in here. This was the best decision I have done for myself. I would definitely recommend this class.

E. G.
RW 1305

Easy to Learn From

Very Informative! Joan is absolutely wonderful. Very clear and understanding, very easy to learn from. Thank you!

A. P.
RW 1601

Not Common Knowledge

This class is a great source of information about the rental process – from looking for and applying for a place to moving out of the place. It covers information that is not common knowledge including laws not apparent to most people.

C. W.
RW 1520

Incredibly Accomplished

This class is definitely not an “easy A”. It is a joint effort between you and the instructor. You will feel incredibly accomplished upon successful completion. Joan is a true expert in her field and is truly a life-long learner/teacher/

A. W.
RW 1403

Almost Left

When I started this class I thought it was going to be a waste of my time. I am over 50, have rented all my life, what more did I need to know? I almost walked out the first day. Every week I learned something new and I am surprised at how much I learned. I am glad Joan talked me into staying.  Now I am telling everyone to take the class.

J. C.
RW 1602

Worth the Cost

It is well worth the cost – it helped me with issues of back rent resolution.

K. B.
RW 1305

Denial Overturned

…my apartment denial was overturned and they’ve accepted my application & want to talk move-in date tomorrow.

No doubt having my little packet of documents, reference letters, Rent Well certificate, etc. all prepared played a huge role in the appeal.

…having the information from Rent Well and CAT that my previous landlord could not legally charge me past rent AND a lease-break fee so that the total I owe my landlord is $1200 less!!

So Rent Well has been successful and helped me get housing that I would probably otherwise not have been able to get. THANK YOU ALL.

S. D.

Knowledge Filled

This class is very knowledge filled and helpful in teaching you the rights of renters and the landlord. It also gives knowledge of resources you may not have known about.

R. G.
RW 1603

New Apartment

Dear Joan,

I want to thank you for being such a great instructor of the Rent Well class. I graduated the Rent Well class on XXXXX and just today (5 days later) signed a one year lease to my new apt! I know that this would not have happened if I did not take this class and graduate.

I was so prepared with the application process when I used my portfolio that it made the whole applying much more easier.

My new landlord told me how impressed they were and told me that because I graduated this class and was open with them about my barriers that that was the reason I was approved.

K. A.