We just added our Job Search series of classes to the schedule.

Job Search series includes:

  • Resume DIY — Learn to create your own resume in just a few easy steps. Writing a resume doesn’t have to be intimidating, once you learn a few simple rules. This class won’t turn you into a professional, but it will give you the tools to make a good resume on your own.
  • Application Advantage — In today’s competitive job market, you need every advantage. Learn how Human Resources sees your application and the simple things you can do to make yours more competitive.
  • Job Search Today — How to use today’s technology to make your job search more efficient and more effective. This is the popular “work smarter, not harder” concept applied to job search. Many job seekers find they can cut hours off their job search efforts using the methods presented.
  • Presenting & Representing — Learn what the little things say about you to Human Resources – all taken from real people who lost out on the job they wanted because of a small, overlooked detail. We’ll show you how to make a great first impression—from the first phone call to the first day of work.

Each of these are streamlined to give you the information you need (without the fluff), including practical tools that you can start to put it into use the same day. How are these different from other classes held in the community? Our Why Us? page explains how our approach is different.

Classes are $30 each – or get a special price when signing up for the whole series.

Check out the calendar of all our classes, and enroll in any of them here

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