We just added our Barrier Briefing class to the schedule.  In this two-part class we show you how turn those brick walls into speed bumps.

Main Entry: bar·ri·er 1 : something (as a fence, railing, or natural obstacle) that blocks the way 2 : something not material that keeps apart or makes progress difficult

We use the word “barrier” in the broader definition – something that makes progress difficult. Lots of things could potentially be barriers. We show you how to identify potential barriers through the eyes of a landlord or employer. Then we show you step by step how to address them. Some may be very simple – others will take more to address.

Here are some common examples of potential barriers, including many that might not commonly be thought of as a “barrier”:
[column center=”no”]I have or am….

  • addiction history
  • criminal history
  • disability
  • eviction
  • fired/laid-off/quit
  • gap in employment/housing history
  • learning disability
  • less than 1yr on current job
  • non-conforming appearance
  • older (40+)
  • younger (<30)
  • unemployed[/column]

I do not have...

  • clean driving record
  • college degree
  • high school diploma
  • less than 10 years experience
  • more than 1 year experience
  • computer skills
  • current valid Oregon Driver’s License
  • my own car (including lisc & ins)
  • professional attire
  • resume
  • written letters of reference (at least 3)


Our classes are streamlined to give you the information you need (without the fluff), including practical tools that you can start to put it into use the same day. How are these different from other classes held in the community? Our Why Us? page explains how our approach is different.

Note: a total of 8 seats are available for this class.

Check out the calendar of all our classes, and enroll in any of them here

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